Happy Valentine’s Day!
It’s the year that everyone either is excited for or either dreads because they’re single, taken, what have you. But what people tend to forget is that Valentine’s isn’t about just being single or not, whether you’re alone or not because you’re not alone. If there was anything that I’d learned in the past couple of years, the best Valentine you could ever have is yourself. This supposed holiday is the appreciation of love, and this love is acknowledged on the 14th of February every year. Well, how about appreciate the love you can give to yourself. 
No one on this earth can make you more happy than you can. You’re the one that controls your outlooks on life, the people who are in it (this includes relatives!), and the things that you do.
So, go forth in the world today and do things for yourself. Even if you can’t leave your house, watch your favorite movie and watch your favorite scene over and over again, dance around in your underwear and try on every outfit that you own (and always look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you look beautiful - eventually, you will really believe it. You really will. It’s the most therapeutic thing I’ve ever done, and I still do it every week), play music really loud and sing even if you don’t think you’re all that good at it, eat everything in the pantry and take a nap.
Do what makes you happy. Love yourself. Today is to celebrate love, and the first step to sharing it with others is loving yourself.
To those out there with plans and dates, let your Valentine know that you appreciate them. Really show them with every fiber of your being that you do because even if you’ve been together for months, years, or this is your first date, no one will ever stop enjoying the feeling of being appreciated.
(Please don’t delete the text. You could really help somebody today.)